SEO Optimization +
Site Audits

I know how important it is to get your website in front of the correct audience. This is why I use the best SEO practices when building each client's website. 

I also provide audits for all clients and prospective clients. Lets's get started! 


An SEO audit will identify if/where your site is falling short and offer suggestions on where you can fix things and get you up to speed. Some things I will look at are image alt tags, meta tags, HTTP status codes, broken links, duplicate content, mobile responsiveness, and more.

Site Speed

Is your website dragging on the way to the finish line? Do you want it to go fast like the love child of Ricky Bobby and Lightning McQueen? Site Speed audits will check to see what’s slowing your site down and make recommendations on how we can fix them.

Whole Site

In addition, I will be looking at your site as a whole. How does your content look? How does your website look on a mobile device? Are all pictures rendering? Is the text easy to read? These are all things that matter to visitors of your website.

Custom Websites That Fit Your Brand and Personality

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