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Hello World! (Coding humor) I'm Anneice. I'm a mom, web developer, and photographer all wrapped in one.
I grew up in The Bay Area surrounded by endless tech and start-up companies. As I kid I always enjoyed language arts and going to the computer lab.

I got my first taste of coding when my elementary school's computer lab was updated with all new macs and the computer teacher showed us simple HTML. I was instantly hooked!
Of course, I begged my mom for a computer. But being a 90s kid, computers still weren't a household staple.

When my family finally got our first computer, I set it up all by myself and popped in a fresh from the mail AOL disc. Yes, dial-up. The fax machine noises drove my mom crazy enough to get our first internet service haha. 

I discovered AIM, Yahoo chat, Neopets, and in high school, MySpace.
My true love for coding immerged when I discovered that you can use HTML to customize your MySpace page. Colors, checkboxes, background images, sparkle text? I had all of that! Soon I was making lunch money by customizing other MySpace pages too.

My love for photography immerged around the same time when I got my first digital camera. What started as the classic early 2000s selfie machine, ended up being used for photos of every possible thing. A new camera as often as I could afford it furthered that love for me. 


Photo Credit: Candice Baker - Candice Baker Photography

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